Our moods are like seasons which change naturally for a reason – #philosophize simplystoned

Our moods are like seasons which change naturally for a reason – #philosophize simplystoned

Smoking cannabis flower with open minded people is a cool experience if you enjoy lighthearted philosophy; we all philosophize about life in our own ways, which makes this planet interesting to be part of.

Anxiety and depression unfortunately touch many of our lives causing our moods to sometimes go into darker places than we would like for much longer time than is healthy.

There is a classic saying, ‘Don’t let your highs be too high or your lows be too low.”

Covid-19 has many of us finding ourselves communicating more on Zoom, which has really opened up the world to people to discover new ideas and thoughts on life they might not have been exposed to before.

Cruising online I came across a small community of people that like to smoke cannabis flower and talk philosophy without judgement.

Last week a person in the group really got my mind thinking.

Basically, they asked us to consider what our lives would be like if we had only one mood, say even if it was happy it would be a completely unnatural way to live being happy all the time.

We experience different moods like Earth does seasons because the climate changes are needed to sustain a healthy life balance for our environment.

It made some sense to me. Our minds and bodies are living environments as well.

Seasons are like moods - be simplystoned
Moods are like seasons – be simplystoned

Life is emotions and moods, but we do not have to dwell on any single feeling thinking in terms of, ‘I am going to be sad my entire life’ or ‘I will never be happy.’

Maybe we say, ‘I am a little sad right now, what can I do to improve my situation realistically?’

If you are going through a tough time in life remember you are not alone and MOODS DO PASS like seasons.

Keep the faith.

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