Smoking a joint watching Ancient Aliens reruns – be simplystoned.

Simplystoned watching Ancient Aliens reruns

Smoking a joint watching Ancient Aliens reruns has become one of my recent Covid-19 self-quarantine ways to keep the mind entertained.

It could be the mind relaxing joint I’m hitting or just a will to believe there are other life beings in the vast cosmos which are in contact with humanity today or in our past.

The fun of watching Ancient Aliens reruns is if you view it with an open mind about time and space it does get you thinking it might not be only the lunatic fringe of society that feel aliens are involved with Earth humans in our past, present and future.

There are some fantastic movies like K-Pax and Close Encounters of the Third Kind to watch if you dig the idea of an alien and human connection.

Whatever you feel about Ancient Aliens, UFOs or alien abductions I hope we can agree when you are smoking a nice joint feeling good anything seems possible.

When I smoke with my friend Cheny he sometimes throws out this theory aliens disguise themselves as frogs to secretly observe humans and get a second hand high from righteous weed.

I asked Cheny why aliens chose frogs.

His reply, “they have patience.”

He has an interesting theory about patience being the key to life.

The frog theory spawned Stoney the Frog (hehehehehehe).

My personal belief on aliens and humans here on Earth is there are other life beings in the universe, not sure if they are in our human form, but with a galaxy as vast as ours it seems logical other THINKING BEINGS exist besides us, and some will be more advanced and less advanced.

As far as alien life contacting us or us secretly contacting them is an open idea.

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It would seem with the mankind’s love of gossip it would be impossible for any government to hide the fact we had made contact with alien life if it has already happened. and your nosy neighbor would break the story in a heartbeat.

It’s fun to think wild sometimes.

Over your next joint ask yourself if you believe in aliens? You might surprise yourself.

What I have noticed while watching Ancient Aliens high as a space monkey is TANG tastes better.

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